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Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

Associate Safety Professional (ASP) are persons who perform at least 50% of professional level safety duties including; are making work-site assessments to determine risks, potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluating incident and loss records, and preparing emergency response plans. Other duties could include; hazard recognition, fire protection regulatory compliance, health hazard control, ergonomics, hazardous materials management, environmental protection, training, accident and incident investigations, advising management, record keeping, emergency response, managing safety programs, product safety and/or security.


Step 0 (Eligibility Criteria)

Academic Requirements:
All individuals applying for the ASP must have a bachelor’s degree (16 years) or higher (18 years) in any field from accredited institution or an associate degree (14 years) in safety, health or environment from an accredited institution.

Experience Requirements:
ASP candidates must have one year professional safety experience to sit for the ASP examination. Professional safety experience must meet the following criteria to qualify;
  • Professional Safety must be the primary function of the position
  • Position must be at professional level
  • Professional Safety functions must be at least 50% of the position duties

Step 1 (Getting Your Degree Evaluated from Member of NACES)

International transcripts must be evaluated by BCSP’s approved third party degree evaluators so that U.S. equivalency may be determined. The evaluation must be completed by a member of the National Association of Degree Evaluation Services (NACES). Orginal degrees and transcripts need to be sent to U.S. evaluation body.

Estimated time of evaluation: 1 Month

Step 2 (Apply for ASP on BCSP Website Online)

Individuals who wish to pursue the ASP must create  a profile through “My Profile” at www.bcsp.org. Once you have created your profile, you may select the certification application you are interested in and follow the online instructions. A complete application requires candidates to provide;
  • Contact Information
  • Experience Information
  • Educational Information
  • Application, Agreement and Validation
  • Payment of Application
Remember: 5% applications are been audited by BCSP, donot provide any vague data to avoid any doubts

Step 3 (Prepare for Examinations)

Associate Safety Professional (ASP) comprises of 7 domains that cover a wide range of knowledge areas;
  • Domain 1: Mathematics (18%)
  • Domain 2: Safety Management Systems (23%)
  • Domain 3: Ergonomics (13%)
  • Domain 4: Fire Prevention and Protection (11%)
  • Occupational Health (11%)
  • Environmental Management (15%)
  • Training Education and Communication (9%)

Step 4 (Exams Preparation Workshop)

Phoenix Safety Consultants offers an exclusive preparatory workshop for ASP final examinations that would be conducted by any pro-metric testing centers around the globe. Qualified professionals will be conducting 4 days preparatory workshop for registered candidates or continual online assistance for distance learning students.
  • Registered candidates will be provided with SPAN International Workbooks containing mock examinations with explanations
  • Authorized calculators CASIO models FX-100, 200 or 300 series / Hewlett Packard models HP 10, 12 or 17 series / Texas Instrument model TI-30 series shall be provided too.

Step 5 (Purchase the Examinations)

Anytime during the one-year eligibility period candidates may pay for their examination online or by calling +1 217 359 9263.

Step 6 (Maintain the Certification)

To retain the certification individuals must
  • Pay an annual renewal fee
  • Meet re-certification requirements

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Facts About the Course
Duration: Workshop is conducted face to face for 4 complete days
Assessment: ASP final examination is conducted at pearson VUE testing center around the globe

Pre-Qualifications: Minimum 1 year experience in EHS & 14-16 years of education

What If I Fail in Examination ?
Candidates can be re-appeared in examination multiple times in one year of registration before the eligibility expiration, if they fail the qualification. Eligibility can be extended for 60$ one month before expiration.

Where Can I Take this Course ?
Candidates can take this course any where in the world. Phoenix Safety Consultants (Private) Limited offers the course preparation workshops with online assistance as well.

What's Included ?
  • Examination preparatory material by SPAN International
  • Authorized calculators by BCSP
  • Complete assistance in degrees evaluation from NACES
  • Complete assistance in application filling on BCSP website
  • Complete assistance in examination preparation
  • Examination clearance techniques
  • Computer based mock examinations conducted by Phoenix Safety Consultants
  • PSC professionals also assists the candidates in evaluation through educational perspectives wit support of international courier services DHL and FedEx
Fees Structure
Non Members: 6,000 AED/SR & 1550 USD
PSC Members: 5,500 AED/SR & 1500 USD