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One Year Diploma in Occupational Safety Health Environment

This page is under development, however you can download the necessary documents for processing your enrollments.

SBTE (Sindh Board of Technical Education) Enrollment Form

General Guidelines for Admission

Registration Requirements

You are eligible to apply for One Year Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health and Envinronment, if you meet any of the following requirements
  • FSC, Undergraduate Student, University Graduate or Career Switcher
Facts About the Course

Duration: This qualification is designed to be delivered in complete one year, having more than 196 credit hours comprised on weekend classes.
Assessment: MCQ's based examination shall be taken by Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE)

Where Can I Take this Course ?

Face to Face: Phoenix Safety Consultants (Private) Limited is the only affiliated institute in Pakistan offering this course.

What's Included ?
  • Diploma Degree issues by Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) Govt. of Pakistan
  • Certificate of Completion by Phoenix Safety Consultants (Private) Limited
  • Standardized Training Material
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Practical Demonstrations
Fees Structure

Application Fee:
200 Rs
Registration Fee: 15,000 Rs (at the time of registration)
Training Fee: 15,000 Rs (before examination)
SBTE Enrollment: 1,210 Rs
Examination Fee: 1,600 Rs
Certificate Endorsement Fee: 900 Rs